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September Singled Out

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Greetings Love Letter Community!

I truly hope these letters have loved on you and allowed you to love on yourself. You are so special and so amazing and wonderful. I am so proud of you. Its levels to this life and you are doing your thing; acknowledge that, please!

It is definitely Fall! Welcome everyone to this beautiful turtle neck season. How has your transition from summer to fall been?

I see you, with your reading self! To be seen! Isn’t it lovely? It can also be a tragedy. Life has a way of singling us out. When things happen in life that single us out, we must look at the big picture. We all have a purpose.

I feel singled out as I write this letter. I write these love letters because I believe this is a part of my purpose. I want people to heal and grow and feel love through reading. I pray and let God do the rest.

Singled out on a job for doing an amazing job or singled out on a job for doing a not so good job. It happens. We grow.

We came into this world singled out. Singled out in timing with little foot prints. (I hear twins say, "I am 2 minutes older, so I’m the oldest".) Singled out on birthday celebrations, graduations, and class work.

Celebrities are singled out for their distinct gifts, characteristics, talents and leverage or influence.

To be singled out!

We are lights:

We say to others, “you are glowing” or “there is a glow about you”. It’s the truth. Keep shining y’all!

Some of us run from the spotlight. We are shy, introverted, and uneasy with extra attention on us. Then there are some of us who are courageously here for it.

Some of us are so used to being singled out that it’s second nature. Some of us are so used to be singled out that if we are not, we have a problem. Some of us hope that we could hide under a nearby table or behind a giant tree.

Singled out allows you to see the people around you; whose really here for you and whose not.

Interesting right?!

Social media allows us to single ourselves out and see who supports us. But some of us refuse to participate in it. I totally understand that. It’s a whole other world.

The mirror:

We single out things about ourselves that we love and dislike. Hopefully just because we dislike it we accept the things we cannot change and change the things that we have control over in a loving way.

When I think of singled out scenarios it’s a spotlight. A much needed spotlight. There is a scripture that says everything done in the dark comes to the light.

We are able to deal with things because there is a light highlighting. There is power in the spotlighting of life. You gain a platform to express yourself and life’s purpose. Some use it to make a positive forward moving change and others use it without regard for the future or others.

When you clean out closets spiritually and physically or theoretically there are growth and healing opportunities that can take place. Some closets bust wide open so we are forced to deal with them.

Our world has been spotlighted like our Amazon Forest or Global Warming. Our countries individually have been spotlighted with laws that need new legislation in place or healthcare crises. Our communities have been spotlighted because of giving back events or school disruptions and our homes are spotlighted for any reason under the sun.

The singled out or the spotlight is intentional. The reasons for being singled out at times you find out before, during, or after. Even when the spotlight seems like a mistake it is intentional. I share this to remind us to be secure and not surprised.

Personally, I felt singled out in September, some days I was here for it and other days I was like nah I'm okay for today let’s try again tomorrow. Lol Has it been easy? Not so much, but I know I have matured this month and rose to every occasion with bravery. How are you doing over there?

Pray for me as I pray for you. You are joy, you are peace, you are poised, you are a powerhouse, you are great, you are determined, you will make a difference, you were born for this, you are phenomenal, you are breathtaking, you are marvelous, and you are remarkable. Have a Blessed day, a life changing creative month, and a prosperous new year.


- M

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