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Author: Markia Butler

Available on Amazon click on Journals below:

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               BUBBLE THOUGHTS journal is the perfect companion to help you stay organized and in-tune with yourself.


              BUBBLE THOUGHTS journal is designed to keep your thoughts, tasks, remembering birthday's, ideas and goals in one place, creating a space for you to express yourself freely and openly.


              I am continuing to understand the importance of a health mindset and how it can be difficult to stay focused and motivated with our minds overloaded on things we need to complete. With BUBBLE THOUGHTS Journal, you will be able to read an uplifting letter inside, to re-inspire you and your day to day.

               BUBBLE THOUGHTS Journal is located on Amazon, TODAY! Collect all 12 journals and all 11 Letters of Love by yours truly,


                                                                        - Markia Harmuny Butler


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