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December 2019…

Last Year Was…

We did it. You did it. December is here. This love letter is a series of questions that will open up what this year pertained to that helped you arrive to this moment in time.


How was your lifestyle this year? Was it active or draining? Was it full of peace? Did it go from safe to risk taker? Did you see any improvements? Did you have a complete lifestyle change that satisfied you or dissatisfied you? What activity was your favorite? What activity did you leave behind last year? How was your physical health? Did you work out at home? Did you purchase a gym membership and actually attend the gym? how important is an active lifestyle to you?


What are you thinking right now? How has your mental state improved? Small changes are golden not everything is drastic. What are your thoughts like? Only you can make things become different. I have always been taught it starts with a thought. What do you want? Think about what you want. Start right there, then write it down, and then think about it often while putting action toward it. Healthy thoughts allowed only because we know the mind is powerful. One moment at a time we have a great deal of thoughts at once. Someone suggested meditation and others say repeating heathy habits some say think about noble, virtuous, and good things. Whatever you need to do to focus and make where you are better.


How do you feel right now? What do you feel? Emotions are all day long. Emotions remind me of Newton’s third law of motion and the first laws of thermodynamics. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed my realization is there is always an emotion going on whether you acknowledge it or not. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction to my understanding every emotion has an equal or opposing emotion happening especially when reacting with one another. Exuding healthy emotions is a goal Love, Joy, Peace, kindness, patience, goodness, gentleness and many others. Creating healthy emotional habits and feelings can lead to a healthier and happier life.


What you believe is what you believe. Keep a judge free zone around you. This is a small section but a powerful section because checking this area shows your path. Path you say? Yes, where you are headed and the actual journey you are taken along to get there. It can start anyway but it can end with you winning depending on what you believe.


What did you create this past year? What do you plan to create? What was birth from your brilliance? We have ideas that pop up all the time, just do it. These love letters I write are a part of me expressing myself and my goal is to help others. What have you created to help others? What was small to you could be huge to someone else. Do not despise small beginnings. You have the gift to create because you have vision. You see it then you manifest it. look around you, someone saw it then made it happen. Enlarge your vision and see it clearly!


I called this section heat because, what have you done that you are not proud of? This section is important because lessons are learned and a lot of choosing to grow or stay where we are year after year. Bills piled up and seek knowledge to knock them out. The things we struggle with, we can either keep them as a struggle or learn how to overcome the struggle then pass it forward to someone else we may know who struggles with the same thing or something similar. Being in heat is not always fun but it can refine you if you have the right perspective.

Self care:

Lastly to warp us this blog know where your trust lay? Do you trust yourself? Have you taken care of yourself and others? Do others trust you? Are you trustworthy? Has your confidence been built up even if it is just a tiny bit? Any boost works, it’s a daily life we live. The choice to wake up and show up and pass good things forward is all a part of a life of your choices and others. We are all in this together, some do the work and some don’t. You can make choices that affect your future and others in a drastic way. The beautiful part is You/We can make a difference.

I love you so much. Have an amazing prosperous year this year, I pray for good health and financial increase and you grow authentically you every day and continue to discover your purpose and gracefully arise to each occasion and that your focus is on point and you move vigilantly and authoritatively. Read each blog again if you so please and remember to always Let Your Love Be Real and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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