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October Circle 2019

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Hello sunshine! Many of us are committed to friendships.

Let’s talk growth.

Over time our friendships evolve and people become distant or move differently, life happens and some go down this path or that path. But something happens and emotions, privilege, and relationships etc force a change that many of us at times aren't ready for. We mature and grow, well some of us.

Don't doubt your growth, you don’t have to prove anything and others will take notice. There will be a difference in how you move and shake in the highways and byways. When you are truly growing, others will have opinions on your moving forward. It's up to you to listen to them or ignore them.

"I’m moving forward. I am on my way somewhere. I have somewhere important to be. I have a meeting with purpose. I am destined for greatness. I have a new idea. I have been thinking a lot about where I am and where I want to go."

There are so many signs of a person changing and wanting something different if those listed above are sayings that came out of your mouth or even considered saying then you are moving. It could be subtle or drastic but you are interested in a new something.

The Circle

The circle you keep! The eclectic group of people we are surrounded by, who we tell our secrets to or who we bounce ideas off of. Our partners in crime (not actual crime) but those we experience life with who get to tell our story or we tell their story or we share memories rather good or not so good.

The theme song that popped into my head, “Friends”: How many of us have them? FRIENDS!

What happens when we outgrow our circle of friends?!

I don’t want to outgrow my friends. Can we all grow together? Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t grow up at the same rate or time or mature rather.

Friends can and will get left behind. It hurts to release people that are dear to us. But we have to do what is best for us.

We have to branch off and go in the direction that serves us in a way that will better us inside and outside. We have to walk our own paths helping others all along the way. In our travels we meet other people and gain new friends.

Actually none of this we have to do. We can stay where we are. We are the make-up of our choices. We don’t have to make room for people. We don’t even have to move but change will always be there.

When we realize those around us aren’t going where we want to go we make a choice to remain or go.

Message to the circle of friends:

There are many options: We can go with our friend/s. We can support our friend/s. We can release our friend/s. We can support from a distance. There’s so much we can do but…

Holding a friend back or not encouraging or supporting a friend is not being a friend. If your friend needs something aim to be there. Someone mentioned to me that they didn’t know how to be a friend. Here you go. :)

This blog is an eye opener. We all go through decisions of having to check ourselves and make sure those around us know that we love them and support them. Make a difference in your own life today.

All we have is today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. All we have is today!

You are prayed for, you are loved, I care, you do matter, we are intentional, you are one-of-a kind, you will go far, you will find your way, you are brilliant, never give up, you are royalty, keep your head up, you are charming, you are delightful, you are free, you are fantastic, you are super, you are a hero. Continue to be great and let your love be real because all we have is today to utilize. I am so proud of you. Have an amazing day, a spectacular month, and a prosperous New Year!

- Markia

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