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June Bloom 2019

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Do you see the twist in the title instead of June gloom we were set up for June Bloom! Did you grow this month? What happened this month that forced you out of your comfort zone? What did you do differently this month that gave you wings to fly in a certain area that you didn’t think you could soar in?

Have you let yourself down or someone else? Have you lifted yourself up or lifted up someone else? Have you explored the power of forgiveness? Have you surprised yourself? What was your favorite quality you saw shine through this month?

Leaving spring and entering in summer is a transition that can literally change everything in our lives.

Think about it! There are a lot of exits and entrances happening. Graduations are great examples. The completion of one thing and then what is next?

Planning is essential. I have heard of people planning their entire next year. 2020 is already planned out for some people and they are currently working on 2021. The beautiful thing about planning is you have something to look forward to and your plans can always change. Do you have some planning to do?

June Bloom. Growing is not always flowers and glitter and candy. Fortunately for us it’s full of lessons that help us get to the next and accomplish some amazing things that will show us the fruits of our labor.

Earth Day 2019 I received a seed, potting soil, and a biodegradable cup to plant. The seed I chose was cilantro. Cilantro goes with many dishes so I preplanned my outcome or my reason why I chose this seed.

Know your why!

I read the package of cilantro and it said 7 to 14 days it will begin to bloom. So I get a pot from the 99 cents only store and I plant my seed and every day I watered it.

The first 5 days I had no expectation to see my plant grow because statistics said between 7 and 14 days. Then the 8th day came and I was excited to see something, so I went out to the balcony and there’s nothing. So the 11th day I get up run out to the plant about “medium anxious” and still nothing.

So I made an adjustment. There wasn’t much sunlight on the balcony but at a certain time of the day there was a slither so I placed her right there. The earth moves y’all because I had to move her around each day to catch the strip of sun. lol But I was still getting more and more discouraged that I killed the plant adding too much water before it had a chance. But there was still a bit of hope. The 14th day there was absolutely no sign of life and I felt doomed.

I went back to the package to double check the bloom date and I was completely discouraged. Mind you, this was my first plant as an adult that I chose to raise. And here we are on the 15th day and still nothing. But I faithful added a little water every day because I believed I could do this thing. Side note all my plants as a youth in 4H died, so my past was trying to interfere with my future. I woke up on the 16th day.

Big Green aka Cilantro broke ground, I was like, yes, success! She burst through that soil with two little leaves. I was so overjoyed and excited. I had to sit back and think about what it taught me.

A. Never Give up, just because you don’t see it growing doesn’t mean it isn’t.

B. Consistency is key. I played music for Big Green and watered her everyday warm water in cold and

cooler water in heat.

C. You don’t know how deep you are rooted in the soil so it may take you longer to appear to be present to the success party.

D. We are all different and just because statistics say we are to be here at this time and age God has his own plan, you be you (focused) and you will blossom right on time too!

We are constantly working and figuring it out. Some of us are groomed into what exactly we are meant to be knowingly and some of us unknown and cannot quite put a figure on it. Either way we are being groomed to do something and express ourselves on this earth. Some of us live to help others and others live to help themselves, a great divide. Anyone can have a change of heart, persons helping others want to help themselves and persons helping themselves decide to help others. Seasons change.

I watched Crazy Rich Asians the other day and there was a flower that blossomed at a certain time.

Everyone at the gathering waited for this moment. It was a beautiful moment. There is an appointed time when you blossom and others will be available to see and admire your reaching growth point, there are many stages in life to be celebrated. I celebrate you today for reading this love letter.

Pray for me as I pray for you. God bless you, You are wonderful, you are royalty, you are compassionate, you can feel, you can see, you are powerful, you are loyal, you will achieve it, you are great, you matter, you are important and you are protected, you are never alone and you are full of courage. So continue to Let Your Love Be Real and have an amazing day, a mind blowing month, and a prosperous year.

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