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May "ALL" 2019

First and foremost, how are you? What are you feeling at this moment? What have you failed at lately? What have you achieved lately? Laying it ALL at the table!!!

What is your ALL?

I attended a panel 3 years ago where these three famous women sat and mentored a crowd of artist and it was time for Q&A. A young lady stood up and asked, “How do you do it all?” One of the women on the panel shared a statement that has registered with me along my journey and I would like to share that with you.

She said, “My All is not your all.”

The truth behind this statement is astonishing. Think about it. Take a second and think about the many hats we wear. Then think about a friend of yours or a parent or mentor and their many hats, are those hats the same?

When I say hats, I am saying, motherhood, fatherhood, sister, brother, the oldest, the youngest, entrepreneur, teacher, engineer, work-from-home, writer, producer, grandma, grandpa, student, director, doctor, and much more.

We have different duties and opportunities that need our attention. We are all out here working past, under, around, for, over, and with one another.

Everyone is journeying on their own path and we don’t always understand or can relate to one another.

But one thing we can see across the board is integrity. With all of our hats and duties and jobs we are accountable for we must be responsible for how we treat one another and how we treat ourselves.

I was at the gym tonight and a guy gave me two gems that I would like to share with you. “Speed is greater than power,” (I was lost at first then I thought about Marvel’s Infinity War, they had to be quicker than Thanos to beat him because he was so powerful.) The second gem was “Mind, Body, & Spirit keep it healthy.”

Being quicker or quick on our feet is a great attribute which we can work at mentally and physically.

Question: What do you watch, read, and listen to that encourage you to focus on self-care? While we are juggling all of our responsibilities, have you added you? Individually we came into life, individually we exit, and individually we make choices, so is the individual maintained or is maintenance being done?

Our integrity/character is maturing as we grow. Watch those around us, watch what we choose to feed ourselves, and watch what we choose to listen to. Especially watch how our past and what we been through try to dictate where we are headed. Maintaining a certain lifestyle takes (say it with me) discipline. So letting go of All the things that we are used to doing but don’t serve us is vital.

I hope The Month of May (I heard a song in that) showed you your strengths, weaknesses, where your treasure lies, where your trust is, and your why for doing “all” that you do.

Continue to be great and Let your Love be Real. I have an event coming up called Chicken and Chocolate (yum my favorites but vegan friendly, yay). If you are in Los Angeles June 1st 2019, let me know and I will share details.

Hey, you, yes YOU! Be amazing, wonderful, kind, focused, gentle, risk-taker, blessed, spontaneous, royal, persistent, intentional and courageously you! Pray for me as I pray for you, I love you dearly. Love God! Have a wonderful day, a blessed month and a prosperous year.

  • Markia aka Harmuny

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