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February Surrender 2019 Dreamers

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Dreams do come true!

I have been CONSISTENTLY waking up every day early because I usually have to be at work around 6 a.m. so I make sure to acknowledge God, my creator, because I am aware that there are people around the world that do not wake up. I have taken a stance and I am determined to get the best out of my day not just for me but for those around me and especially the King of Kings! I say, “God I surrender, God I surrender this day to you. It doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to you.” That’s it. Relinquish Control. I never knew what it was like to meet a childhood crush until last night. I can remember attending middle school a big shout out to Lavilla Middle School of the Arts. I can remember this song on the radio and this squeaky voice. This guy no more than 11 just like me was talking about he liked the way a girl looks at him, he liked the time they spent together and he wished he could spend time each and every day. This song was for the hopeless romantics, the middle school puberty driven youth who was full of emotions and didn’t know what to do. Also, for all the heart throbs out there takes notes.

Sammie posted a video on his Instagram the previous day, but I saw it the day of and he mentioned he is in LA and he’s having a listening party and he is choosing people to attend. They received hundreds of emails. I applied with a little faith, but I also made up in my mind that I was not going to get chosen to attend I might as well hang it up but behold, God had other plans! “Write the plan/vision then give God the eraser...”

I met Sammie over 15 years later, last tonight. Dreams do come true! I had the J-14 magazine (it was for teens only lol) posters all over my bedroom wall right next to Winnie-The-Pooh. In my head at age 11 he was one of my boyfriends. Youth with their dreams! I told myself I would meet him one day. I believed it too. My confession & belief! When I arrived to the EVERLASTING Album (comes out 3.1.19 #Playlist) Listening party last night the actor/fan girl side of me asked myself: how do I feel?, what do I want from him?, what am I going to do when I see him come in the room? And what will I say? The answer was NOTHING. I was so chill! I took in the space, I took in the atmosphere, I had my home girl by my side, so we laughed and joked throughout the evening and it was/is a fantastic evening and start to February!

"Don't be surprised, be secure!"

The freedom to go as we please and do as we please is a gift. The decisions we make every day are so important. They guide our tomorrow, so it’s a daily walk and lifestyle. I started juicing because I now understand why people do it. It’s a cleansing, refreshing lifestyle. I still eat burgers which I need to slow down on. Side note: I am learning my lesson. Every time I eat a burger for lunch lately, something major comes up, like an opportunity that I need to look my fittest and I am looking bloated and plump. A burger can be convenient at the time but it cost me having to snack the remainder of the day, guzzle down water and go to sleep early to slim out or workout twice as much (which I am usually already tired so an extra work out is not in the plan). That’s a word, what’s convenient in your life but comes with a costly price that you can avoid? Come on frugality!!! Surrender! Being aligned and having surprises in your day that you didn't know was going to be in the day is the main event of this Love Letter. This is the importance of asking for our steps to be ordered. I didn’t know Sammie was in the plan for this day. When I saw the invite email notification fall down the top of my screen I screamed/shrieked very loudly after I hung up the call I was on. Like God this was a desire on my heart when I was younger, you heard & kept my petition. I thanked God! My home girl was looking at me crazily as I told her the news. She immediate was like “My Birthday Month is everything!”

Call To Action:

Wake up, dress up, and show up! It can be so simple... some days easier than others. But have a “why” for when you wake up because it’s bigger than you and me. Dress up because self-care is love expressed. Show up because you are needed & important & you matter. I love you! I am rooting for you, I believe in you, and I trust God on your behalf! Continue to pray for one another and always “Let Your Love Be Real!” God forgave us, forgive yourself, healing is a process, and growth is a process. The fact you wake up and surrender shows your path to maturity. I play a lot, at times too much but I know God and I know he has my back! The precious Lamb of God is my Friend. The Bible & Praise & Worship are Keys to Success. :) You got this! With any cards dealt, God can turn any situation around. I want you to win. Be brave and full of courage. You were born for this!!! Have an amazing month! Have a prosperous year and remember you are more than a conquer. You are Royal! #Surrender

The song I mentioned:

"I LIKE IT" by Sammie published May 20, 2013

Photo Cred: Marq Fields 2.6.2019

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