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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Party People!!!

3 topics on the blog today couldn't pick just one!

Being comfortable with the unexpected. So raise your hand if you wrote out how you planned to spend your day and nothing went accordingly. That must be for some frustrating and for others exhilarating. Depending on how you look at the situation. With a heart of wisdom, having the understanding that control is not in your hands but you have control over things. Is your mind in a tangle like mine?

What life hands out to you, your reaction can and will make all the difference. Those left handed ball throws are something else (sports talk). But if you keep your eye on the ball you are in good standing to swing at just the right timing to hit and not miss.

So what am I talking about? Being focused, being aware, being grounded, eyes wide open and bravery.

You can handle it.

Switching gears. I can expound more in a future blog!

Making sure the one you care about knows. Let your love be real! It is February and this is the love reminder month! Not just giving those you care about a day out of a month to feel you for real, but understanding what a moment really is. Right now is a moment. In this moment you can read this blog, turn on music and dance, get in the car and grab something to eat while listening to an audio book, etc... Your moment or time is what you make of it and I want to encourage you to make a moment or take time to invest in those you care about. Times where you drop the things you are doing momentarily to see about another. This is life that we do together, collectively we must care more than the usual. We must inquire more than the usual like on a photo or thumbs up. Let your Love be real. Invest in those around you, support them and let's heal and grow together. Why is depression spreading? One suggestion I thought of, people needing people to know that they are on a persons mind. That they are in someone's prayers, that the love is real, and they need someone to see past the titanium wall they have created. You never know what someone is going through, so be present.

Pretty deep I know! Moving forward. Look into the mirror let's deal with that person!

Are you accomplishing, growing, and celebrating? What have you accomplished lately? Tithing regularly? Dancing More? Keeping up with your planner/planning? Doing what you say you are going to do? Cooking more? Saving more? Getting a handle on your bills? It is 2016 and it is game time! You have a renewed mind everyday to improve. We actually have little to no excuses. I love the saying, "When you lose all your excuses you find all your solutions"! Boom! Whoa Explosion!

Growing is maturing and making decisions for generations while keeping in mind your own desires. That's Deep! The very idea that whatever we decide to do effects everyone else. Don't underestimate when I say "Everyone else"! In honor of President's Day, Mr. Obama, his keen insight and wisdom with how the country is ran effects everyone else. People argue about who has the real say so but you must admit for 8 years with God he bossed is position and did well! The Love is real and his passion for this great nation was expressed in every speech he has made.

Alright, I hope you are full! I pray you continue to be great and encourage your self and others to be awesome because you already rock!!! Pray for me as I pray for you! Spread love because someone needs it more than you know and serve others that is how we move forward as a unit. "Divided we fall, together we stand!" Yes, I switched it up , now let's get in formation!

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