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July Comfort 2019

Have you shocked or surprised or scared yourself by the things you have done this year?

Exiting A Comfort Zone

What happens when you make up your mind up to leave your comfort?

Do you know what happens? If so, please share, email me back. Some love it, some dislike it.

It is not as easy as people may think, some of us are used to repeating ourselves. Albert Einstein is credited with the quote of “Insanity” – “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I want to put that definition to the test. Repetition is cool but it’s not if you aren’t headed anywhere.

Every day hero’s/Champions/people switch things up. Think about it.

People who volunteer to help others, volunteer to purchase a meal for someone, volunteer to give clothes away or volunteer to mentor a youth, or volunteer to support another. Local heroes live an unpredictable life.

Living Predictable

Say for instance, you are going up against an opponent who has studied you they will know your most used moves. What happens when an adversary or individual knows your next move? This gives them an opportunity to conquer. So now let’s put it into a greater perspective. It’s a competition but the only one in the competition is you vs. you. So when you battle yourself or go against you, you tend to rely on what you already know or what you already have done before. It is a cycle that can be broken. Battling ourselves is daily all we know is what we know until we know more. We must grow :)

The routine of waking up going to work (any job) eat 3 times a day go home watch television with a refreshing beverage of choice and go to bed to do it all again.

There is nothing wrong with this, especially, if you are LIVING. :) People love what they do, dream jobs and amazing opportunities. :)

The goal of this blog is truth and love and happiness and the power of giving back and helping others. It’s a reflection. If you are somewhere you don’t want to be, you are the one to make a difference. If you are where you want to be I am soo proud of us. Healthy minds, healthy choices, healthy all around. It’s a daily journey to a healthy road.

SN: Consistency and Repetition are two different things.

Answer one or more:

Do you enjoy your daily routine?

Is your routine what you dreamed of doing?

What was the thing you dreamed about?

What are your goals you may or may not have written down?

(Talking to myself)

Have I been accountable for my childhood dream?

Have I been responsible for making sure I am doing everything I can to become the individual I need to be?

Have I been brave?

Have I been secure enough to know that I have everything I need?

Dreams can transform.

Do you believe in you?

Self vs. self is not easy to conquer the old you and the new or person you are aiming to become.

But a beauty/jewel in life is a shift in a mindset and your life can change forever. I am proud of you. You are qualified. You are purposeful. You are beautiful. You can do it. You are brave. You are loved. You are important. You are needed. Yes you can. Yes…

Pray for me as I pray for you. You are true treasure. You are love. You are loved. You are looked after. You are powerful. You are a gift. You are limitless. You are positively absolutely wonderful. Have an amazing day, a thoughtful month and a prosperous year.

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