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March Money 2019

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Happy March Royal & Wealthy Family & Friends,

We work day in and day out and work all types of shifts. 🌟✨⭐️Thankful for the job opportunity, grateful to be able to purchase what we want and need. Appreciative of those on the job that have our backs, and in love with the idea of providing for ourselves and others. We all we got with God of course! I became super busy in the month of March and I did not plan to be. Planning is important. So my question for you, how does your preparation look?📚📈📉📊 We all feel it, 2019; there is something different about it. I’m not sure if I’m tapped in or woke or present all the time but it’s something new this year and we definitely need to be here for one another. Look out for our community, those at the job or around us moment to moment and become givers and shares and takers to an extent. I don’t know about you but I decided to become a tither for 2019. I was like I need to do something different to get different results. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely tithe but tithing consistently was my issue. Then I was like what do I tithe and what do I tithe off of? I had many questions. I shared with a couple friends that I became a consistent tither and they became one this year too. We connected even when we are not. I Love It! So every check I receive or any small job I did, say braided hair and was tipped a few dollars, I tithe off of any working income. And I am starting to see jobs roll in and my entrepreneurship work is becoming more consistent than previous years. Entrepreneurship is a journey all on its own, but the happiness is worth it! It’s a small change to my budget but it’s a big deal it helps with financial literacy in a healthy way. God has a way of meeting everyone where they are. I have definitely been alerted on financial steps to take to help me stay sane when finances are flowing and not flowing. Emergencies happen and we all want to be covered. We, the millennials, have been taught to be independent so after college for many of us at all cost; no parental, no loans, and no one to come save us. We must figure it out. Yes, for YouTube University and mentors and celebrities pushing for financial literacy in schools! March is around income tax time. So people receive monies from the Government and people have to pay monies to the Government (different tax brackets). It is a balling season for some especially if you have kids. Get your coins sis & bro! But how can we invest, have assets, and stocks? Just wanted to leave this question here to those who would like to email me back and chat it up. Have you felt or seen the change in the air? Everyday people learning to trade in money markets and experience hope in securing healthy financial futures. It is great until we don’t understand the power of greed. This blog post is about you and I, knowing what to do with the money we receive, when to do that desire on our heart and the power of self-control. Money is important. But knowing what to do with it is even more important. “You only get one shot” (not always true but with that song in mind…) When you receive what you have been asking for, have you written a plan to make sure you don’t blow your shot? Love you all!!! I usually don’t have the topic when I begin to sit and write and it just flows. I hope this post made you think. We must start to have these conversations more with youth and our peers and family. Have an amazing day, a blessed month, and a prosperous New Year. You are Royal, you are brilliant, you are great, and you are amazing, you are everything and more. You’re born for greatness!

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