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Surrender Miracles January 2019

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

There is something about the beginning of something! Aim to be present! This year is a little different, we all feel it! But being attentive is what’s going to get us where we need to be. Be watchful at the start of a meeting, the start of a phone conversation, the start of a jog, and run. This year’s focus is towards mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually being present.

No more" just showing up" or “I’m just here for the food and snacks” or media friends, “I’m just here for the comments”. Have your own powerful necessary comment willing and ready (Instagram/Twitter rant). Say what you need to say and keep going. There’s usually a lot of negative things in the comments anyway which you don’t need in your space.

Prepared! Preparation is not always a pen and paper ready to take notes but if you don’t takes notes, you most definitely should!

Prepared to listen with your heart, see with your spirit, and respond with wisdom.

We are 10 days in to January and I have been blown away.

The most recent thing that has happened, I was driving a vehicle with a friend with no bumper in the front and a tire was basically destroyed. The silver was showing and the tire could pop at any moment. So we called around to different tire places the most was around $135 with labor for 1 tire and the lowest $66. Those were not in the budget. The need was for only one tire. We called more places and this one tire shop had an angel on the other side of the phone, he said $30 used with tax 32 something. My friend and I were like that sounds like a plan!!!! So we were heading over to the tire shop.

The entire time I was battling mentally. I was like they are going to turn us away because there isn't a bumper and everything in front is exposed. I was also thinking that this is a new season and God is real and this will not be a factor. Then I was debating if I should share my worry with my friend.

God puts us in positions to teach us who is in control and to show us ourselves.

So I realized, i’m living in the present contemplating on what happened during the past when previous tire shops turned me away because that shop didn't want to be liable... (different vehicle). I was WRONG. Then I was low-key stressing because of being used to rejection. I WAS WRONG AGAIN.

So at this moment I decided to keep my worry away from my friend and give it to God. I shut down every negative thought in my mind and focused on what this new experience had to offer. I was prepared for a good outcome and God exceeded that and made it a great outcome. YOU ARE ALREADY PREPARED when the situation comes.

Now at the shop, the tire guy looks at all the tires and of course he says we must replace all. My friend and I looked at each other like, ummm. Then the tire guy said he would do it for $80. I know you are thinking 4 tires for $80, yes, God!!!! But it gets better. My friend and I weren’t prepared to spend money on tires let alone $80 in the first place. (Stick to your budgets people)! Living In the real world we have real bills. So that was a no go. We went to the side discussed it and told the guy that we will buy two now then come back and get the other two. He was like, how much do you have? We said $20 from each of us. He said, " I’ll put all 4 tires on for $40 plus tax about $42 some change. We care more about your safety.”

When I tell you, miracles happen every day. We almost cried because we knew it was all God.

Just the day before I was telling God that I surrender. I was reminded of when you take care of Gods work, God takes care of you!

I was so honored to see this blessing. Say what you want, but God will put you in a situation financially just to show you who have got your back! Be secure, nor surprised!

I am so thankful and grateful our backs are covered. There’s a blessing in the surrender.

Have you surrendered your plans and your day to God?

Help others – Loving Kindness is a fruit of the spirit. Another topic for another day!

Happy January! You are Royalty be encouraged! You are a gift and you are Treasure! Look up: 1 Peter 5:7! There are a lot more miracles to come this month and this year. Please share your miracles with one another and me. Pray for me as I pray for you. Love more than ever before, prepare, and remember to always “Let Your Love Be Real!”

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