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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

It was as if March was like are you ready for a Roller Coaster ride? Well it doesn't matter I already strapped you in! Then comes the lean back before the huge drop and then the ride is going and going you're randomly screaming trying to put your hands up in the air with slob/drool sliding past your ears. Then the ride slows up, you collect what parts of your life that are still visibly intact then without notice you are upside down and twirling around in the seat, maybe your head is banging from side to side and the ride slows up again to a complete stop and then begin to glide along only to trick you into thinking the ride is over but in reality you are not quite there. Then zoom you shoot forward, backwards, spin around and then the ride is done.

I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing that. At first, It was like cool we are in March rent paid, bills paid let me start blogging. Each week the attempt to blog did not happen. I had the opportunity to participate in a short film called Cherry Stems. Be on the look out, I will post it on this site. I am the main character in this film and it was something I am passionate about. It's about the value of virginity. So good. Young women and how we need to cherish of our body. That is a topic for another day. Inbox me on my message page and I will see to it that your topic inquiries are covered.

The favor of God like fell on me where I was completely busy the month of March. There was meetings for events and dance practice and auditions and meetings with friends, travel, it was like whoa.

One thing I did was I labeled my days. For example in my planner I wrote: Love Day, Light Day, Lifted Day, Like Day etc. You pick a letter in the alphabet and label your day. See what happens.

I went to Vegas with Family and had the time of my life! So awesome and loving and kind. Every time I go to Vegas it's a new experience and it is nothing short of amazing.

To wrap this up I attended a garden party. I went on really cool auditions and I was away from the computer. Let me know if you had a blast in March.

My Prayer life increased, I dance more than ever, I love a variety of foods and so excited that this journey is blessed. In the words of Yolanda Adams, "I want you to be blessed".

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