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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Hello Twinkle in His/her eye!

Some one sees you past what you go through. I love to remind myself of the quote, “Be you because everyone else is taken.”

There’s an undeniable joy when you come to understand and realize who you are. I am barely scratching the surface with that statement but I am talking about your basics. We are made up of experiences and challenges that shape who we are to be initially.

Some of our basics are likes and dislikes of different food items, our favorite color, how we react to good and bad news, what we see when we look in the mirror, our character, etc.

I like to say: “I Love the woman I am becoming.” I can only say that confidently because I have spent time with myself. Let’s be honest and let’s be real. At the end of each day, you have to face the man or woman in the mirror. Do you self-exam? The beauty rest is real. Carrying issues from today into tomorrow is not the goal.

With that said, spending time with yourself and understanding the unconditional love (topic from my blog last week), that you must have for yourself is a wonderful key in this life.

“You want better? Do better!” I hear this and I am like what do I do? It starts with thoughts and words. I do believe that positive thinking has helped me achieve things that I never would have if I thought negatively. I was reminded recently that it is ok to do things afraid. Being brave is a choice and it does require fear.

Love takes Bravery! Welcome to February everyone! The Love reminder month and Black History month wow they are the same, not a coincidence. Love no matter what! Show it, give it, release it, spread it, bake it, and don’t pay for it.

Let’s be honest and real this coming week. Being vulnerable may not be the easiest but you will get further than you are. Be creative this month and go over and above for others this year.

Progression! My pastor preached recently, “You Are Doing Better than You Think”. TRUTH!

Go be great and lift your head up (away from your phone) and smile at someone, let’s be a human to human communicating generation again. The Love is real, pray for me as I pray for your strength and love. Do not count yourself out. You are royalty; you do make a difference, stand for something and choose to be brave. Xoxo

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