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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Hi Brilliant Family!

We are closing out January this week and I hope it has been a blessing. I hope you have found a prayer partner and set goals for this year. Have you made a vision board for 2016 to keep you focused along your journey this year?

I pray you will grow like never before and discover more of what you bring to the table in a friendship and/or relationship.

The desires on your heart are not there for any random reason. It is all important. Write the vision down and be sure to stick close to it.

Make sure you reward yourself for all accomplishments. There aren’t any small achievements, celebrate each other also. Surprise your loved ones with unexpected gifts. This year we must do over and above to bring light.

We never know what someone is facing on a daily bases, because we are all great at hiding. That is another blog in itself.

Unconditional Love! What comes to mind?

Do you think about babies, maybe the elderly, or what about your significant other? I had a conversation recently about unconditionally loving yourself. What does it mean to unconditionally love you?

The effort that you put into doing your hair, the effort you put into dressing up and being clean, working out, and the things you put in your body. I believe every day you wake up and care about the little intimate things about yourself; regardless of how you feel and tirelessly work day after day. That effort shows your unconditional love for yourself.

Side Note: I was reminded recently that what we put in our bodies becomes our hair, cells, skin etc…

Express yourself and spread your wings this week. What better day or week to test out your flight game?

Spread love always and let’s aim for over and above this year. You deserve unconditional love. So you be it first. What you put out comes back. Stay positive and go get what you have dreamed of, it is yours for the taking. Pray for me as I pray for you. Be bold, laugh as much as you can and build. Air heart kisses to you from me, gearing up for the love month.

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