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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Hello and welcome to a new day, new you!

Just so you know what Love Letters are: They are encouragement for you and they are to uplift you no matter where you are in life.

It can be a challenge to go through an entire day and week without a low point. So the goal is to see the beauty and the purpose in the low so that you can launch back to your "game face on" place. Storms come to make us stronger, wiser and secure. I have an understanding of everything happens on purpose rather good or bad.

Today I hope you woke up with a smile.

Today I hope you woke up with a plan.

Today I hope you woke up in expectation.

Today I hope you woke up in cheer.

Today I hope you woke up with a song.

Today I hope you woke up with peace.

Today I hope you woke up feeling LOVED!

Let today start a fresh and see life differently every morning.

Do NOT allow your circumstance to define who you are.

You are more than what meets the eye.

You have so much work and fun to experience along your journey.

You have so much to accomplish.

You have so many areas to be successful in on the daily.

Always wake up with a knowing YOU GOT IT GOING ON!

Because you do!

Spread LOVE to someone new today, share with someone new today, and find your prayer partner for the year. Someone you feel comfortable with. Many things take prayer and patience to get accomplished. You saw the movie WAR ROOM? Pray for me as I pray for you; go be great today you owe it to yourself!

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